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TK Film Is..

Hi! I’m TK who is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve always had a dream of becoming a filmmaker, but unfortunately, I had to bury it with my busy life. However, I would like to take up the challenge again of being a filmmaker, thanks to the healing times that I have received in New Zealand.

And, I am going to make a big step forward to my dream, with your support. You will support me right? :)



I love you!!

Because of all the loves I have received from my life, I know what love is and I wish to put every moment of our lovely days into the film, with my passion!

So please… tell me the story of your lovely moments.



I, TK, am in a place where people need artistic talent and inspiration, such as weddings, fashion related, real estates, commercials, music videos, short films, etc.

I will strive to improve the completeness of high quality works by exploring and expressing them with professional, creative and emotional view.



So, please do not hesitate to contact me!

♦♦ 2020.3. New Zealand Times Press



♦♦ 2019.9. Kyeongin Ilbo Press in Korea



♦♦ 2019. 3. ‘Best Award’. In National Unification Advisory Council New Zealand Contest


♦♦ 2014.11. ‘Special Jury Award’. SNS 3 Mins Film Festival in Korea